WCM - Work Center Manager: Visibility Control Efficiency

30%, 50% or even 100%

30%, 50% or even 100%

Is your work center positioned to reach the productivity goals of the organization?

  • Cost pressure?
  • Work backlog?
  • Lack of accountability?
  • Need more out of every work hour?

For over 25 years, ServiceSPAN has been helping work centers recognize unseen, root causes of inefficiency. Once identified, we provide solutions that empower managers to establish objectives, based on the goals of the organization, and propose process improvements that radically reduce cycle time and cost per transaction.

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What process are you improving in 2014?


ServiceSPAN has the knowledge, experience and innovation to deliver and guarantee successful Process Improvement.

  • What We Do

    What We Do

    ServiceSPAN's process analyst experts team can enable you to swiftly improve one or many processes in your company, and along with that, bring your company the added benefits of reducing unit cost, increasing cycle times and achieving higher productivity.

  • How We Do It

    How We Do It

    Our team will visit your company, observe your operations, conduct brief interviews with management and work with your IT people to understand your systems. Based on their finding, we prepare and demonstrate a solution that will enable you to reliably transcend to measurably improved processes.

  • Our solution

    Our solution

    Our solutions are based on workflow software that layers on top of your existing business software providing your workers with powerfully efficient tools. These tools give them greater visibility of the work and the ability to make better decisions and multi-task. Additional tools give management the ability to track and control the work.

  • The results

    The results

    ServiceSPAN's software solution, Work Center Manager (WCM) is agile in delivering services that allow your company to be faster and cost effective against all kinds of competition. We ensure process change effective enough to put your staff on track and won't revert back to the way tasks were performed in the past.

  • Flexibility


    With ServiceSPAN you have the choice of starting us in an expedited manner to fix your processes in 90 days, or work with us to methodically compare our method of process improvement to options you're considering now, determine an ROI, and work through an RFP process. Either way, our team has the combination of skills and software to deliver process improvement that takes effect immediately and delivers results that are rapid and enduring.

Work Center Manager (WCM)
delivers immediate benefits.

  • Increased Visibility

    WCM provides greater oversight of the operation through expansive views and insights into all aspects of the work, customer status, work load, staff performance and more! Instantly access volume, duration and cycle time analyses that helps to identify trends and accurately report to upper management.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Users are assigned and receive work, in prioritized order and based on their skills level and work load. Spending less time searching and gathering information along with the benefits of a highly interactive desktop, gives users extensive multi-tasking capabilities. These are only a few of many efficiencies provided by WCM.

  • Increased Control

    WCM flexibly allows for changes in work distribution and operational priorities, giving supervisors greater control coordinating staff and work activities with associated organizations and systems. The overall result is a noticeable elevation of accountability with all levels working concertedly to support the goals of the business.

Can you relate to this?

At some point companies recognize that regardless of how much they invest, work centers performing manual work will never be eliminated and employees in those centers, as do employees across the organization, deserve effective tools to be productive. Without the right tools, managers have limited understanding of their work centers and are unable to improve productivity.

Fundamental to improving the work center's efficiency is the ability to create an environment that enables less manual input and empowers workers to quickly gain and process the information that will let them make sound decisions that expedite the completion of the work.

ServiceSPAN has been providing solutions that create efficiencies in manual work centers for more than 20 years. We have learned from our experience that there are many different work center requirements such as integrating systems, creating processes, dynamically assigning work, streamlining user interfaces and capturing performance metrics. Our software solution, Work Center Manager (WCM) addresses all of those and more.

Don't off-shore your problems,
address them directly with WCM

  • US workers top productivity table


    Workers in the US are still more productive per person than any others in the world, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) says in a report.

    What's more, the report also shows that the productivity gap between the US and most other developed economies continued to widen. The acceleration of productivity growth in the US has outpaced that of many other developed economies. "Increase in productivity is mainly the result of firms better combining capital, labour and technology."
    Source www.ilo.org

  • AT&T brings 4,000 jobs back in-house

    US Telecom Daily Lead 02/09/2009

    AT&T has placed back in-house nearly all of its 5,000 outsourced support-center jobs - most, if not all sent overseas - it has vowed to repatriate, the company said. AT&T has noted that a contract vendor under BellSouth had initially reassigned the positions offshore.

  • Out of India Bell unplugs offshore tech assistance

    The Canadian Press 2/18/09

    Bell Canada is repatriating some of the technical assistance work that has been done in India because it isn't satisfied with all of the results, the phone company's chief executive officer told the BCE Inc. shareholders meeting yesterday.

  • The Bangalore Backlash: Call Centers Return to U.S.

    Washington Post 12/11/08

    If you'd prefer a customer service agent who speaks "American" then computer maker Dell has a deal for you. Catering to consumers put off by the accents of Bangalore, Manila and other call center hubs around the globe, Dell will guarantee, for a price, that the person who picks up the phone on a support call will be, as company ads mention in bold text, "based in North America".

  • Outsourced customer relations jobs to India will return to U.S.

    Reuters 02/11/2009

    UAL Corp., parent of United Airlines, said yesterday it will fill 165 customer relations jobs - previously outsourced to India -in the United States. The move runs counter to the trend among U.S. companies of sending jobs overseas to save money.