Telecom Work Center managers are asking for help...

"Employees are frustrated and wasting valuable time because they need to switch back and forth between too many applications, modules and on-screen tools".

"Gradually, our process has become too complex for our system. The staff is falling behind because there is so much more work that now requires manual handling".

"Combining work across all our systems into one pool, correlating transport with customer work and implementing consistent human processes are our top priority as we consolidate work centers".

"As our volumes keep declining, our unit costs increase. How do we compete?"

"Our users circumvent existing GUI's and processes because they are limited and inflexible and we are unable to manage order related work across our departments".

If you relate to these issues... then you can't afford to miss this FREE webinar!

Title "Telecom Work Center Challenges"
Subject Competencies and capabilities work centers need to develop to further reduce unit cost
Date Thursday - June 14 2013
Time 1:00PM (EST) 12:00PM (CST) 11:00AM (MST) 10:00AM (PST)
90 Minutes, including 30 minute Q&A
Place Your telephone/computer

ServiceSPAN is hosting the "Telecom Work Center Challenges" webinar. Whether you supervise employees, manage work centers, or are in the role of work center support and/or process improvement, you won't want to miss:

  • Revelations about the unrelenting march towards lower unit cost
  • Where most telecommunications work centers have landed in achieving lower unit cost - how do you compare?
  • Decisions leadership is making to further decrease unit cost
  • Barriers to further unit cost reduction in work centers with decreasing volumes
  • Process consolidation do's and don'ts
  • Competencies and capabilities work centers need to develop, to further reduce unit cost

The Presenter: Daniel Corcoran, President, CEO - ServiceSPAN

Daniel Corcoran founded ServiceSPAN in 1986. As president of ServiceSPAN, Mr. Corcoran is the entrepreneurial force that drives the company's technology. Mr. Corcoran has over 20 years experience integrating new OSS and network elements with legacy OSS infrastructures used by major carriers of enhanced services. He has conducted on-site visits to over 30 types of work centers in the last five years in the areas of circuit turn up, provisioning, dispatch, network reliability, and repair of business, consumer services and transport in telecommunications. Mr. Corcoran is the recipient of the 1999 Long Island Business Award for the 40 Top Entrepreneurs Under Age 40, and a 1999 finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year.


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