Healthcare Payers


Servicespan provides solutions that improve payer revenue cycles

ServiceSPAN has the domain knowledge and experience to identify the most perplexing work center challenges that keep businesses from realizing their full potential to achieve greater operational efficiency and opportunities to increase revenue.

Process improvement

Healthcare Payers

As healthcare transitions, insurers are challenged by changes and compliance issues that are driving up costs and driving down productivity. Payers need rapid, solid solutions that remove process complexity and increase back office efficiency.

Reduce claim errors and write offs

Integrate manual and automated tasks

Eliminate extraneous process steps

Balance work distribution

Continuous process improvement

Increase visibility of claims management

Customer satisfaction

Excellent customer satisfaction ratings are key to the success of your organization. However, stressed employees staffing payer back office work centers are challenged by numerous and complex information systems, extensive repetitive manual processes and changing compliance requirements.

Streamline customer service processes

Improve call center documentation

Accelerate service delivery and response

Quickly respond to changing work trends

Track and measure user performance

Reduce tedious user navigation of existing

Applications and websites

Utilize virtualization to manage work center employees and operations on site and across the globe.

Ensure efficient work assignment by automatically distribute work to appropriately skilled users.

Accurately measure and track employee performance and report on every aspect of productivity in real-time.

Greater visibility lets managers quickly respond to operational changes and trends and make cost-effective decisions accordingly.

Our customers, even after successful automation and process improvement, experienced large initial gains plus on-going financial benefits including 30-50% productivity increases, lower transactional costs and reduced revenue leakage throughout their operations.

Features and functionality that provide enforcement of process integration and support of employee accountability.

Software decides for users what work to do next, eliminating inconsistency and preventing 'cherry-picking' assignments.

Users access information and perform work in a single environment, saving time spent switching between applications.

Eliminate login and navigation of legacy applications emails, attachments, spreadsheets and databases.

Facilitate shared information so that users no longer need to cut and paste data to multiple applications.

Coordinate manual and automated processes by removing extraneous process steps that result in slower cycle times and delayed revenue.

Have immediate access to meaningful measurements that give managers control meeting corporate goals.

Correlate related work so that employees work more efficiently, saving multiple steps in the process.