Healthcare Provider Groups


Healthcare Provider Groups

ServiceSPAN provides solutions that improve provider revenue cycles

ServiceSPAN focuses on identifying and solving key areas of the revenue cycle process that providers traditionally lack the resources to address, and in many instances, where IT departments and support are over-burdened and unable to deliver on process improvement.

Not resubmitting rejected claims

Healthcare Provider Groups

When claims are denied, many providers are reluctant to resubmit all claims to certain payers because of cost and/or they lack access to data that can support the challenge. Your team needs an integrated environment that allows them to search for information, automate process of filing corrected claims and appeals.

Not recognizing trends

Busy practices with heavy administrative workloads tend to process claims one at a time. When claims are addressed individually, administrators often fail to see high-level, macro trends and make the same processing error repeatedly.

Failure to verify patient eligibility

Recent studies have indicated that one-quarter of practices never verify patient eligibility and copay amounts. Further, another one-quarter don't bother to check until the patient has left the office. As copays climb and patients make multiple office visits, verifying eligibility is a critical step to managing your revenue. The bottom line is reduced revenue an increased bad debt write-offs.

Failure to monitor entire claims process

If you can't manage and/or audit the claims process at every point in its lifecycle, you can't identify where it went astray and resolve the issue. Without information that a payer is routinely denying claims for a given procedure or code, your staff will spend countless hours researching the issue.

If your organization is making any of these common revenue cycle management errors, chances are you're experiencing both delayed and lost revenue. ServiceSPAN provides innovative technology that lays over your existing systems, eliminates extraneous steps and integrates manual and automated processes so that your operation is performing at top efficiency.

Utilize virtualization to manage work center employees and operations on site and across the globe.

Ensure efficient work assignment by automatically distribute work to appropriately skilled users.

Accurately measure and track employee performance and report on every aspect of productivity in real-time.

Greater visibility lets managers quickly respond to operational changes and trends and make cost-effective decisions accordingly.

Features and functionality that provide enforcement of process integration and support of employee accountability.

Software decides for users what work to do next, eliminating inconsistency and preventing 'cherry-picking' assignments.

Users access information and perform work in a single environment, saving time spent switching between applications.

Our customers, even after successful automation and process improvement, experienced large initial gains plus on-going financial benefits including 30-50% productivity increases, lower transactional costs and reduced revenue leakage throughout their operations.

Eliminate login and navigation of legacy applications emails, attachments, spreadsheets and databases.

Facilitate shared information so that users no longer need to cut and paste data to multiple applications.

Coordinate manual and automated processes by removing extraneous process steps that result in slower cycle times and delayed revenue.

Have immediate access to meaningful measurements that give managers control meeting corporate goals.

Correlate related work so that employees work more efficiently, saving multiple steps in the process.