Our Company


ServiceSPAN is a software company that has been providing solutions that create efficiencies in manual work centers for more than 20 years. Work Center Manager (WCM) provides visibility, control and efficiency. One example of each is that, visibility enables you to track volume, duration and cycle time of tasks, control allows you to hold people accountable without losing flexibility, and efficiency enables you to spend time making decisions rather than gathering and copying information. Our company

ServiceSPAN clients have told us repeatedly that working with us is a true partnership because we invest the time and effort necessary to better understand what your firm is trying to achieve. We are quick, responsive and focused on "your needs". As a result your customers will enjoy a better service experience which will increase overall customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Enable work centers to align their people and priorities with those of the entire business. It includes measuring and optimizing what matters, not just what is convenient to measure, and using software to implement enduring process changes in environments where the supporting IT systems don't directly support desired process changes.


CES Computer Solutions, Inc. is a New York Corporation that does business as ServiceSPAN.

CES Computer Solutions, Inc. started as Contemporary Engineering Services formed in 1986 by founder Dan Corcoran. In 1991, the business was incorporated as CES Computer Solutions, Inc. , a New York sub chapter S corporation. In 2004 CES Computer Solutions, Inc. registered in New York to do business under the name ServiceSPAN.