Our Team


Daniel W. Corcoran

President and Founder

Daniel Corcoran founded the company in 1986. As president of ServiceSPAN, Mr. Corcoran oversees the technology direction of the company and leads all business operations. Mr. Corcoran has over 17 years experience integrating new OSS and network elements with legacy OSS infrastructures used by major carriers of enhanced services. Mr. Corcoran is also an expert in the area of service activation, data mediation, and customer care for enhanced voice and data services in telecommunications.

As a former chairman for five years of the Unified Communication Committee of the TeleMessaging Industry Association (TMIA), Mr. Corcoran is involved in the marketing and technical challenges of the telecommunications industry in launching next generation voice and data services. Mr. Corcoran is the recipient of the 1999 Long Island Business Award for the 40 Top Entrepreneurs Under Age 40, and a 1999 finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year.

Amit Sikdar

Senior Vice President, Development and Professional Services

Amit Sikdar is an accomplished software developer, technologist and system architect with more than 14 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. As Senior Vice President of Development, Mr. Sikdar is responsible for all development activities for our products and solutions.

Mr Sikdar first joined ServiceSPAN in 1989. Prior to re-joining ServiceSPAN in 1998, Mr. Sikdar spent three years at Periphonics as a project manager who was responsible for client relationships in large multi-site system deployments. Mr. Sikdar holds a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Youngn Chanlam

Vice President, Quality Assurance

As Vice President of Quality Assurance, Youngn Chanlam is responsible for the development of quality assurance practices and procedures and the implementation of process improvement initiatives at ServiceSPAN. She also manages several accounts and is instrumental in bringing customer requirements to the development group through her constant interaction with our customers.

Ms. Chanlam joined ServiceSPAN in 1992 and has held various positions in customer service and support and product management. Ms. Chanlam holds a Master's degree in Operations Research. She is also a Certified Netware Engineer, a Software Engineering Management Certified Professional and a Project Management Professional (PMP).