Steps Your Hospital or Health System Can Take to Promote Value by the American Healthcare Association


Improving affordability remains a top issue for consumers, lawmakers and the health care sector.

To that end, in 2017 the AHA Board of Trustees created the Committee on Health Strategy & Innovation to examine the complex issue of affordability. This committee was asked to challenge standard assumptions related to health care costs and value; to ask the hard questions; and, to identify the role that hospitals and health systems can play in improving health care affordability.

In addition, the AHA board and this committee gathered input and insights from leaders throughout the field at AHA's regional policy board, council and member meetings. Extensive dialogue took place around some key issues related to affordability - including the factors that influence affordability, measures of affordability, and strategies to advance affordability.

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Source: The Value Initiative, American Healthcare Association

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Posted by Dan Corcoran on June 20, 2018 08:12 AM

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