Our Culture


Software development is the sole focus of our business.

Your ingenuity and contribution can be observed directly in the end product and success of the company.

As a software company, we retain full ownership of our product and independence from our customer's IT organization. Without losing customer focus, we have the corporate drive to develop unconventional business solutions and market across several diverse telecommunications companies and product types.

Our management team members are computer professionals.

These are people who can translate the customer's requirements and make you part of the development of powerful business solutions. They are customer driven, yet as computer professionals themselves, appreciate the special dynamic and needs of computer professionals like yourself, such as the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the full life cycle of products
  • Work across multiple software disciplines, gaining experience in many aspects of mission critical system development
  • Cultivate a specialty that differentiates you from the rest of the world.

Small company culture.
All the benefits of a small company,
but with more job security than most anywhere.

We provide complete information technology systems to our customers with support and upgrade contracts that provide guaranteed income during periods of economic uncertainty. In our years in business, each change in the economy (up or down) has brought additional opportunity as our customer base needed additional IT functionality to respond to economic change.

Being part of a small company has many benefits including the actual observation of your contributions to company performance. In addition you will have the opportunity to obtain experience across many computer disciplines including networking, database, operating systems, as well as the specialty in which you were hired.