Work Center Manager (WCM)


The failure to implement fully automated, zero-touch flow through service fulfillment, results in work items "falling out" to operation centers that must handle these items manually. The users "manning" these centers must be skilled in the services offered, understand and possibly interpret the 'language' of the work item, have the ability to refer items to other departments and query and coordinate with other systems to complete provisioning requests. Manual work centers can be inefficient and expensive, cost the service provider delays that decrease customer satisfaction, impede the roll out of new services and possibly increase churn. WCM is a purpose-built application that provides a uniform infrastructure to optimize the performance of manual work centers.

Components of WCM

Work Center Manager Work item process management Dynamic Work Item Assignment User Interface Management Performance Management Host Integration K2/Work Center Manager

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WCM provides the work center with a configurable application that provides total management of work items; including automated identification and correction of errors, the distribution and presentation of work items to users and extensive capabilities that promote continuous process improvement and enhanced work center performance.

WCM is agile, utilizing our Process Definition Environment (PDE), and is scalable, providing a uniform environment for managing work items across an enterprise.

WCM creates a highly efficient environment to process work items while capturing information required to assess and improve work center productivity. Scalable from one to an unlimited number of work centers across an enterprise, WCM provides a uniform capability to manage work item handling.

Lower transaction costs and reduced revenue leakage.

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