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Dynamic Work Item Assignment - Work Center Manager

Dynamic Work Item Assignment allows Work Items to be automatically distributed via ServiceSPAN's Dynamic Work Item Assignment algorithms (Work Strategies), or selected manually for Direct Assignment to a user or user group.

Dynamic Work Item Assignment algorithms automatically select the next best work item for a User. The manager also has the ability to experiment with new strategies and measure results over time and between work groups.

Dynamic Assignment combines skills based mapping of users with real-time state, alignment, and balancing, of several dimensions of the workload. Assignments are made based on "Work Strategies", created and configured by a work center manager and are continually updated as new work items enter the work center. Work Strategies can be varied depending on availability of resources (weekends, etc.), changing needs of the business, etc. Looking for solutions in the Healthcare sector? Learn more about our solutions for Healthcare Payers.

Some key functions and capabilities of Dynamic Work Item Assignment are:

Real Time Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Setting the appropriate strategies for a work center will allow work items to be assigned to the right person at the right time. The distribution assignments will adapt to the current real time work center environment considering priorities, workloads, user skills, efficiencies, jeopardy items, etc.
  • Automatic delivery of work items to a User, based on an Auto Request, from the work Item repository.
  • The Work Items are selected based on strategies developed by the Manager.

Multi Dimensional Prioritization

Work Item processing priorities are assigned based on work priorities that consider Work Item characteristics such as:

  • Work item type (e.g., service order, trouble ticket, reject, etc.); or work type (e.g., new line, disconnect, change, etc.) or modification type (e.g., correction, cancelled, etc.).
  • Geographic location, network element type, network element name, etc.
  • Time Attributes such as due date.
  • Work items can be assigned across one or multiple centers, regardless of geography, including user skills as a parameter based mapping.

Adaptive Workload Leveling

Assignment of work items to users, user groups, etc. will consider work volumes, user skill levels, forecast completion capabilities, and manage the allocation of the work items to minimize any work completion anomalies.

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