Work Item Process Management


Components of WCM

Work Item Process Management - Work Center Manager

Work Item Process Management provides the workflow and configuration to associate information from connected systems to a work item throughout the completion process; ensuring users have the most current and complete information available. Configuration changes do not require a deployment step and can be applied to running processes, which is especially beneficial for long running processes or transactions that are being held into the future.

Some key functions and capabilities of Work Item Process Management are:

Workflow Management

  • Provides the end to end tracking of work items.
  • The amount of workflow capability under the direct control of end user supervisors is unique, in that supervisors have an ad hoc capability to deal with unexpected circumstances efficiently by changing work distribution, priority and by transferring work for special processing even for transactions that are already in progression in WCM.
  • Unique WCM capabilities include:
    • Intermingling of many forms and formats of work to a user, such that the user is not assigned to a single silo of work, but rather receives, processes and completes work based on the highest priority work matching his or her skills. This capability allows management to achieve the priorities of the business while still maintaining measurements and accountability.
    • The same work list or work strategy can contain work from many different workflows and in many different document formats in a priority order unique to a specific individual's skills and current work assignment.
    • Related work from different work sources can be grouped together and executed upon by a single individual, avoiding situations where two users work on a single customer's needs.
  • Elements of the workflow are created as web services (enhancing reuse), and can be a combination of services in WCM or external to WCM. Optionally, the elements can be tied into third party products such as those based on BPM and ESB technologies.

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Data Augmentation

  • Optimization of Work Item management is provided by configuring workflows that query other data sources (for information relevant to completion of a work item) and by integrating this information with the work item throughout the completion process.
  • Based on certain programmable parameters associated with a work item, WCM will automatically interface with connected systems, find pertinent data and information (research) and associate it with the work item throughout the work completion process. The user will always have complete information with which to work.
  • Whenever a work item is selected, the system will automatically display associated work items in the repository and detailed history of work performed on that work item. Other users will be prevented from accessing or modifying the work item while it is "in use".
  • Any work item can be augmented by research, which can be specific to a work item and/or the work to be performed.

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Inter Departmental Referral

Allows a user to refer work items to other departments when additional expertise is required to complete an item.

  • If both departments have WCM, this is accomplished within the WCM application.
  • If one department has another system, such as a trouble ticket application, WCM will interface with those systems (see Host Integration - Automated Task Handoffs).
  • If one department has only email, WCM supports this method of referring work between departments.
  • If one department can only be reached by phone or other method, WCM will group all such requests together for manual handling and coordination by a single employee rather than many.
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