Culturing Safety & Quality

High Reliability Rapid Process Improvement Tool

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SafeQual software was created to promote advanced high reliability methodologies like Just Culture Assessment, Rapid Process Improvement and Kaizen in hospitals.

Incorporate SafeQual into your quality management system to achieve the very highest levels of patient safety and quality across your healthcare organization.

Get to a perfect implementation of quality systems in your hospital

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Incident reporting Decrease the likelihood of adverse events and improve the culture of quality and safety through systematic review and analysis of effectiveness.

Performance Improvement Benefit from a highly effective yet simple system of logging and auditing staff performing processes that are being implemented every day.

Accreditation Promote and adopt an active culture of compliance that helps hospitals achieve and maintain compliance with JCAHO or DNV.

Risk Management Risk and Claims Management empowers hospitals to proactively act on potentially harmful situations and minimize escalation.

Infection Preventions Smart technology targets the reduction of infections with real-time monitoring and metrics that enable hospitals to get ahead of the curve on prevention.

Patient Experience Prioritize the patient experience with immediate information and the ability to quickly follow up and respond to patient issues and complaints.

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