Data Masking for Healthcare

Applying Decision Coordinator to Data Masking in Healthcare

Data security, eliminate opportunities for data mis-use by employees and third parties anywhere.

Data Masking allows you to control who, when and what information can be seen from your health information systems, and purposefully limiting what employees can do next.

This powerful capability can be layered on one or more of your existing enterprise applications and coupled with a specific task(s) that needs to be done.

For example, a request to a third party person to perform a task in your work flow could include pre-configured, specific access in your enterprise systems to perform that task. This capability can limit them to see only one patient's worth of data, the patient for which the task is assigned. Decision Coordinator extends security further, when rules (based upon your criteria) limit access to the data to a specified window of time, whether that be hours, days, etc. The benefit of such capability is to grant remote employees and third party vendors the capability to directly participate in your workflows, reducing the number of people involved in any given process, and accelerating the delivery of and reducing the cost of services to your patients.

With ServiceSPAN's data masking, you eliminate fear of a remote employee or third party mis-using your business or client data, especially when users have limited skills or are outside the USA, in regions where they cannot be prosecuted for stealing information.

Information access is also about giving a 'smart user' experience to third parties, for example, smartly combining information from multiple applications so they have all information needed to make perfect decisions. Example, combining billing, original order, results and pre-authorization information.

Information access is also about measuring and holding third parties accountable for their work effort. Do you want to be paying a company a lot of money to perform a difficult task, only to find out they perform that work in 30 seconds, or that they failed to follow the contractual process?

ServiceSPAN's Work Center Manager software will measure and manage each of the above, and much more to eliminate wasted time. For example, if a third party is working on your issue, but the client calls your staff, in real-time your employee can pull the work away from the third party and fix it live with the client, rather than risk duplicate effort.

High Level Features:

    • Route manual work that needs to be done, such as errors, orders, adjustments, claims, emails, case management and billing (e.g. 'work item') to the lowest cost, most appropriately skilled employees to do the work, both in your business and to third parties. Routing can be based on $ amount, user skills, multi-language capability, types of providers, services or other specific criteria.
    • Users cannot surf company applications as they please. They can only see information in those company applications pertinent to the pending work assigned to them.
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    • WCM overlays your existing applications, to show users only what they need to see for their assigned role in working a 'work item'.
    • WCM tracks which patient accounts have open issues, compares it to the workflow that is needed to resolve an open issue, and which users of your applications should be granted granular access to your company applications.

  • Provide a smart display to users of only the information they need to get the job done for pending 'work items'. Do they need to see the patient name? Do they need to see available inventory or other resources? If not, we prevent it.
  • Provide a filter as to information that can be sent back into your applications, to prevent users from making bad entries or entries that prevent future automation. If information needs to be posted to multiple systems, have the user enter it once, and have it correctly written to multiple systems.
  • WCM measures minutes and seconds of how much time users are spending on 'work items', offers a checklist as progress is made and determines if your costs are in line with the level of work.
  • WCM will use information from multiple systems, to measure the quality of work performed by users. Know which employees are not being managed correctly, and quickly root out training, skill level, or employee quality issues that are costing the business money.