Decreasing Cycle Time

We identify, define and execute on software based solutions that radically reduce the cycle time of your business processes.

Decision Coordinator brings tremendous capability to transform business processes and the movement of data across your organization in far shorter time intervals.

We address the many micro and macro reasons it takes time for people to collaborate together to get work done. Also, never again will you need to cut/paste information in intermediate steps in a process or track in Excel spreadsheets that your organizations work is getting done or delayed.

ServiceSPAN's Decision Coordinator provides interval time reduction by:

  • Provide new visual environments that enable employees to quickly make excellent decisions in compliance with new demands, and be more impactful in delivering quality service faster.
  • Operationalizing process improvements across organizations of people and systems.
  • Getting the right person doing the right work at the right time.
  • Accelerating communication and collaboration.
  • Eliminating work steps from business processes.
  • Enable remote users to participate in a workflow in a secure, compliant and auditable way.