Healthcare Interoperability

Use automation intelligence to streamline, prioritize, and share data from multiple sources.

ServiceSPAN's Decision Coordinator uses automation intelligence to streamline, prioritize, and share data from multiple sources, present it in a single, simple work environment, empowering staff to make better decisions, quickly.

The combination of human process optimization and workflow management technology ensures greater successful process integration and the improved continuity of patient care. Our technology targets the elimination of complex and redundant work, improving workflow to achieve speed and agility in areas such as:

  • Streamlining Advanced Beneficiary Notices process (eliminating write-offs)
  • Reducing order entry pricing/coding errors
  • Routing calls requiring additional attention
  • Providing a multiple system visualization of requisitions
  • Lowering Discharge Not Final Bill (DNFB)
  • Implementing denial prevention strategy
  • Integration of Revenue Cycle processes

Decision Coordinator assists in the research, extraction and organization of data that is external to your system, but critical to the completion of your processes.

Decision Coordinator is a configurable software product that overlays existing applications, to achieve dramatic new capabilities either alone or in combination with cloud applications. Impressive systems integration capability enables the output of one software application to impact the workflow of another, and provide a browser based application, ideal for work environments where employees need to receive and share information in order to make excellent decisions quickly, within rapidly changing organizational conditions.