Leveraging Data Analytics

Imagine a workflow that leverages your analytics investment to change the course of your people delivering healthcare as a high reliability organization?

Imagine, every good idea for process change can go forward with technology to support, manage, enforce, and measure the results of each process change.

With close integration to your data sources, data analytics models, machine learning and the main line applications used in your enterprise every day, Decision Coordinator:

  • Propels employees into action, with information presented to the right people, at the right time, supporting the steps and decisions they need to act on.
  • Takes button click choices made by your employees, and automates the many repetitive tasks that would follow, so they can quickly move onto their next task.
  • Measures the work employees were assigned, the actions they performed, and how long it took, enabling supervisors to hold people accountable for following process and getting results.

When communication or collaboration is needed with other employees, vendors, or people in the community, we engage your email, text messaging, or mobile applications to get more information combined in a formal workflow with tracking, ensuring the ball never gets dropped.

ServiceSPAN consults with you and your business leaders on the requirements for your data driven solution to operationalize a target process improvement, works with your IT department to understand available types of access to systems and their standards for onboarding a turn-key product. With that we provided a fixed price, create the configuration that talks to your systems and people to create sticky process change that will continue long after you take your eyes off it. We guarantee our solution is successful, or we continue configuring it until your goals are achieved.