Provider System Integration

Your Disparate Applications Don't Play Nice? We integrate and enable improvement to your technology; streamlining the automation and functionality needed

Our domain knowledge and innovative software capabilities have enabled us to execute on extremely complex technology consulting engagements for billion dollar corporations, and service those solutions over a decade each.

We provide an agile software application and supporting configuration that affords companies a powerful option to break through the barriers of their legacy applications more quickly, and flexibly respond to new requirements that develop in this dynamic industry.

ServicesSPAN's expertise lies in :

  • Identifying alternatives using our software, when a company's legacy applications are an obstacle to them changing some or many aspects of their service delivery, back office operations, and/or business model.
  • Integrating cloud-based SaaS healthcare innovations that can't reach their full potential without workflow changes within each client's legacy applications.
  • Solving data integration challenges of all types, including high volume connection to many different business applications simultaneously, across large numbers of customers, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction.
  • Providing and servicing an agile environment to incrementally improve upon business operations with an end state that is undefined.
  • Layering on software capabilities that allow supervisors to measure and manage a geographically dispersed workforce, with detailed control over work prioritization and distribution, workflow, and reporting.
  • Enabling geographic and process consolidation, cross-correlation throughout the entire operation and added security with data masking functionality.
  • Giving organizations that lack the necessary technology, the ability to efficiently manage staff and meaningfully measure performance and productivity.