Service Delivery Optimization

When automation is just not enough. Reduce complexity and overlay new business processes, automation, and workflow over your most difficult service repair processes slashing costs and cycle time.

Achieve staggering improvements in cycle time, reliability and cost reduction when using Decision Coordinator to implement a new workflow across all the software applications your people use every day.

Client Goal

Vastly reduce the number of employees needed to support the companies new service offering by increasing flow-thru automation of service delivery, automatically turning back incorrectly written service orders, and reducing the complexity of work that isn't automated.

Business Challenge

A new service roll-out was consuming more manual effort than was originally anticipated, as the marketing organization increased the number of options available to customers, options that were difficult to correctly capture on service orders and options customers were changing frequently. As complexity and volumes increased the work center found themselves hiring staff at an unsustainable rate and cost.Solution

ServiceSPAN provided replacement software between the network elements providing the service and the client's mainframe ordering, billing, surveillance, and repair systems with a goal of achieving 99% flow-thru on all USOC/FID style service orders.

Next ServiceSPAN provided a customer care capability based on Decision Coordinator to enabled support teams to troubleshoot customer issues on the service platforms and their connected systems. The solution provided a single common interface over the three different manufacturer service platforms that were in use.

The solution included identifying likely service order errors to turn back to sales and prepare the customer care team to respond correctly if a customer called before the order was corrected.


  • A solution was configured to deliver enhanced service to customers by quickly identifying incorrect service orders in advance and providing automatic flow to the voice messaging peripheral and switch.
  • Improved the processes of provisioning and maintenance issues, increasing efficiency from 60 to 99% flow through.
  • Lowered head count supporting the product from an original 1 per 7,000 customers in service, to 1 for each 115,000 customers in service.
  • Provided help desk with a comprehensive set of tools to resolve customer issues and to monitor performance.