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Software and integration services that overcome the barriers between your enterprise software, cloud initiatives and strategic goals.

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What We Do

When the enterprise software you must use is a barrier to achieving your transformative goals, ServiceSPAN has another option. ServiceSPAN's expert team can overcome the barriers between you, your enterprise software, cloud solutions and more, so that your employees have the efficient support they need to execute impeccably on the next transformative change in your business.

How We Do It

Our team will visit your company, observe your operations, conduct brief interviews with management and work with your IT people to understand your systems. Based on their findings, we map your processes and demonstrate a solution that will enable you to reliably transcend to measurably improved processes.

Our Solution

Our solutions are based on workflow software that layers on top of your existing business software providing your workers with powerfully efficient tools. These tools give them greater visibility of the work and the ability to make better decisions and multi-task. Additional tools give management the ability to track and control the work.

The Results

ServiceSPAN's software solution, Work Center Manager (WCM) is agile in delivering services that allow your company to be faster and cost effective against all kinds of competition. We ensure process improvement effective enough to put your staff on track so they don't revert back to the way tasks were performed in the past.


With ServiceSPAN you have the choice of starting us in an expedited manner to simplify your workflow processes in 90 days, or work with us to precisely compare our method of process improvement to options you're considering now, determine an ROI, and work through an RFP process. Either way, our team has the combination of domain knowledge and innovative software solutions to deliver process improvement that takes effect immediately and delivers results that are rapid and enduring.

You've come this far, are you ready to go further?

Work Center Manager (WCM) translates the process improvements you want into actionable requirements for your IT systems and transforms how people work in your business.

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Can you relate to this?

Either your team and/or outside consultants have excellent ideas on how to improve business processes, some of which may even be industry best practices, but implementing them is out of reach because of technology limitations, so you end up settling for less.

Or... You've made process improvements, but how do you challenge a great work center to undergo yet another transformation to produce even greater productivity cost savings?

ServiceSPAN has based more than 25 years of cutting-edge technology solutions on these 6 inefficiencies and it is our unique domain knowledge and experience that can take you further.

  • Inefficient Work Distribution Mechanism
  • Uneven Employee Workload
  • Inadequate Research Tools
  • Limited Accountability
  • Non-Value Added Work Waste
  • Lost Automation Opportunities

Leverage resources anywhere to gain competitive advantage.

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For some businesses, flexibility is equal to having your business partners fix information issues in your applications (missing data, etc.), because it hurts your profit margins to do it in house. Other businesses gain flexibility by using an outsourcing company that can perform some business operations more cheaply, just as every airline at the airport doesn't have their own jet fuel infrastructure.

Information access is no longer just about passwords and logging in. You need to restrict certain information from application users so there is no opportunity for users to misuse data.

WCM overlays your existing applications, to show users only what they need to see for their assigned role in the work item.

WCM tracks and compares items within the workflow that are unresolved, and also which users of your applications should be granted access. Contact us and find out how Work Center Manager can help you.

  • Users work with a smart display that provides only the information they need to perform their work.
  • Filters information that can be sent back into your applications, to prevent users from making bad entries. If information needs to be posted to multiple systems, users enter it once, and have it correctly written to multiple systems.
  • Workflow management tools to measure minutes and seconds of how much time users are spending work items help determine if your costs are in line with the level and volume of work.
  • WCM will use information from multiple systems, to measure the quality of work performed by users. Know which employees are not being managed correctly, and quickly root out training, skill level, or employee quality issues that are costing the business money.

30%, 50% or even 100%...

Pay for your next process improvement while experiencing
productivity gains that result in measurable cost savings.

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Cost pressure?
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Need more out of every work hour?

For over 25 years, ServiceSPAN has been helping work centers recognize unseen, root causes of inefficiency. Once identified, we provide solutions that empower managers to establish objectives, based on the goals of the organization, and propose process improvements that radically reduce cycle times and cost per transaction. Get your 20/20 Analysis »

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