Save Time

We identify, define and execute on software based solutions that radically reduce the cycle time of your business processes.

Decrease Cycle Time Solution

Operationalize Your Predictive Analytics

Imagine a workflow that leverages your analytics investment to change the course of your people delivering healthcare as a high reliability organization?

Leveraging Data Analytics Solution

Be A High Reliability Healthcare Organization

We provide technology that integrates human and automated processes, enabling nurses, physicians and care coordinators to streamline and improve patient safety, quality and outcomes.

Learn About Decision Coordinator

Employee Efficiency and Process Improvement

We have domain knowledge and technology to achieve 30-70% productivity improvement in already well-run organizations, guaranteed!

20/20 Operations Solution

Enable Front-line Teams to Make Data Driven Decisions

What would it look like if your front-line employees consistently make excellent decisions?

Learn About Decision Coordinator

Your Disparate Applications Don't Play Nice?

We integrate and enable improvement to your technology; streamlining the automation and functionality needed.

Provider Systems Integration Solution

Like Your Software;
Keep Your Software

Imagine if you can keep your existing software applications from getting in the way of your success?

Decision Coordinator Product

Guaranteed Results

Get us involved in your roadmap. Our discovery process, and collaboration deliver solutions that quickly meet your goals.

20/20 Operations Analysis Solution
What We Do

When the enterprise software you must use is a barrier to achieving your transformative goals, ServiceSPAN has another option. ServiceSPAN's expert team can overcome the barriers between you, your enterprise software, cloud solutions and more, so that your employees have the efficient support they need to execute impeccably on the next transformative change in your business.

How We Do It

Our team will visit your company, observe your operations, conduct brief interviews with management and work with your IT people to understand your systems. Based on their findings, we map your processes and demonstrate a solution that will enable you to reliably transcend to measurably improved processes.

Our Solution

Our solutions are based on workflow software that layers on top of your existing business software providing your workers with powerfully efficient tools. These tools give them greater visibility of the work and the ability to make better decisions and multi-task. Additional tools give management the ability to track and control the work.

The Results

ServiceSPAN's software solution, Work Center Manager (WCM) is agile in delivering services that allow your company to be faster and cost effective against all kinds of competition. We ensure process improvement effective enough to put your staff on track so they don't revert back to the way tasks were performed in the past.


With ServiceSPAN you have the choice of starting us in an expedited manner to simplify your workflow processes in 90 days, or work with us to precisely compare our method of process improvement to options you're considering now, determine an ROI, and work through an RFP process. Either way, our team has the combination of domain knowledge and innovative software solutions to deliver process improvement that takes effect immediately and delivers results that are rapid and enduring.