Like Your Software;
Keep Your Software

Imagine if you can keep your existing software applications from getting in the way of your success?

Decision Coordinator Product

Operationalize Your Data Analytics Investment

Imagine a workflow that leverages your analytics investment so that your people consistently make excellent decisions and deliver better healthcare.

Leveraging Data Analytics Solution

Patient Quality and Safety

We provide technology that integrates human and automated processes, enabling nurses, physicians and care coordinators to streamline and improve patient safety, quality and outcomes.

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Employee Efficiency and Process Improvement

We have domain knowledge and technology to achieve 30-70% productivity improvement in already well-run organizations, guaranteed!

20/20 Operations Solution

Enable Front-line Teams to Make Data Driven Decisions

What would it look like if your front-line employees consistently make excellent decisions?

Decision Coordinator Product

Your Disparate Applications Don't Play Nice?

We integrate and enable improvement to your technology; streamlining the automation and functionality needed.

Decision Coordinator Product
What We Do

We sell and service software that overlays applications in your enterprise with vast new capabilities to operationalize the business process improvements you desire, without the risk and complexity of moving your data or replacing your software. Using our domain knowledge in process transformation and workflow improvement technology, we overlay new business processes, automation, and a browser-based experience on your existing enterprise software applications.

Your business processes are more streamlined, and employees better able to consistently make excellent data driven decisions in supporting the communities you serve. Our solutions are implemented in as little as 8-12 weeks.

How We Do It

Our team will visit your company, observe your operations and evaluate your existing software. Our methodology looks at six advanced areas of technology improvement well-run businesses can most benefit from next. Based on our findings, we map your processes to technology that will:

  • Automate frustrating aspects of the work your employees do today.
  • Ensure your employees have what they need to consistently make data-driven decisions performing tasks that are not automated.
  • Enable efficient tracking and communication of all task information that moves between employees, vendors, other businesses and people in the communities you serve.
Our Solution

Our solutions are based on Decision Coordinator, a powerful platform for configuring data driven applications that naturally consume and forward data between many systems and people. Your process improvement requires no change in existing software. Each of our solutions gets your staff away from swivel-chairing between multiple applications, spreadsheets, cutting and pasting, repetitive work and administrative tasks that slow them down, add cost or introduce error. Instead, your employees produce at a fast, operational tempo, with less computer complexity and frustration, making data-driven decisions, dictated by you.

The Results

We work with you to define results and have your back in realizing them, with a guarantee they are achieved, or we will expand the scope of our solution delivery until your success is achieved.Results can include: Your idea producing specific business results such as faster transaction cycle time, reduced cost, improved quality, better measurement system, staff job fulfillment and increased customer satisfaction.


With ServiceSPAN you have the choice of engaging with us in an expedited manner to achieve a specific result with an agile deployment process, or work with us to precisely compare our method of process improvement to options you're considering now, determine an ROI, and work through an RFP process. Either way, our team provides a combination of domain knowledge and innovative software solutions to deliver process improvement that takes effect immediately and delivers results that are rapid and enduring.