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Is business change overwhelming employees?


We do the hard work... When legacy software applications are the barrier to achieving the business process changes identified by industry consultants, ServiceSPAN's domain knowledge, system integration services, and software technology provide a way to achieve business transformation without changing existing software.

ServiceSPAN offers more than 29 years of domain knowledge and innovative software capabilities that enable us to execute on extremely complex IT engagements for billion dollar corporations, and service those solutions over a decade each.

ServiceSPAN's expertise lies in identifying alternatives using our software, when a company's legacy applications are an obstacle to them changing some or many aspects of their service delivery, back office operations, and/or business model. We integrate automated and manual processes and provide greater visibility, control and productivity.

We eliminate the cost and risk of replacing existing systems by overlaying our innovative, configurable technology, removing work complexity and giving employees better tools, to make better decisions that help your business better serve the community.

Too much change at once?

Learn about ServiceSPAN's unique software and domain knowledge for accomplishing massive business process change, fast.

too-much-change-at-once.jpgWe desire to engage with internal and external business process and quality assurance professionals who can utilize our comprehensive software capabilities to achieve rapid change in the healthcare space, with a minimal use of their already busy IT organization, and together, help companies quickly address the difficult work required to cost effectively achieve the goals of population health management and delivery system reform.

Our typical client has employees stuck in frustrating or complex manual processes that result when they need to reach outside of the business logic in their core applications to connect with business partners, innovative cloud solutions, sell new services or other processes where existing software is no longer a fit for their needs.

In this environment, every local IT organization has their plate completely full, and the option to replace many existing software applications in order to meet new requirements, is not an option. Such issues have existed in healthcare and are being exasperated by Population Health Management, Delivery System Reform, IT infrastructures that can't support new Performing Provider Systems and an ongoing rollout of quality measurements and compliance requirements that are new to clinical and revenue cycle processes.

Domain Knowledge and Expertise

Our domain knowledge and innovative software capabilities have enabled us to execute on extremely complex technology consulting engagements for billion dollar corporations, and service those solutions over a decade each.

  • ServiceSPAN's expertise lies in: We executes on what we propose taking responsibility for all the stages from requirements development through final delivery, own your success, and do so with a very limited use of your already busy IT organization.
  • For each project, we provide support for 10+ years, or until the IT organization is ready to in-take the resulting solution into their management.

be-our-partners-footer.jpgServiceSPAN brings much to the table that complements and enhances a consulting firm's specialization in the healthcare industry by providing cost savings with the unique ability to overlay very sophisticated capabilities onto existing applications, and succeed in doing so even when the client has little available IT resources and/or is using software applications that are no longer supported.

Kindly follow up with me to further discuss how ServiceSPAN's extensive capabilities and innovative features could help expand the market of your organization.

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