Assignment Center Efficiency

A combination of total and partial automation is brought to bear on the many tasks your global team of assigners and programmers respond to each day in support of field technicians and customers.

Achieve staggering improvements in cycle time, reliability and cost reduction when using Decision Coordinator to implement a new workflow across all the software applications your people use every day.

Client Goal

  • Vastly improve the advanced notice customers receive, that company is cancelling their appointment, to at least the day before.
  • Improve how customers are contacted when facilities are available, so a new appointment can be scheduled.
  • Increase efficiencies so they can shrink their on-shore team 40%.
  • Increase productive use of off-shore team for handling a specific issue that is not complicated.

Business Challenge

  • Inability to staff for peak volumes was leading to runaway inefficiencies as employees attempted to cope with highest priority work. For example, customers were not being contacted timely that a commitment for a technician dispatch was being cancelled for lack of facilities, new service or repair.
  • The variety of services being handled, and where the work was arriving from, prevented management from having visibility to workload or predict needed overtime.
  • Management attempts to change business processes were being stymied by the inability of existing software to be modified to support new process management designed.
  • Employees lost valuable productive time figuring out what work was their' s in new process, would eventually not follow new process.


With close integration to the client's main-line applications for ordering, repair, inventory, delayed order issues, and engineering referrals Decision Coordinator:

  • Watches for new events in enterprise applications originally monitored by employees for their work. Based on events forwards work to employees or to automation in a new workflow that overlays those applications. (enterprise applications work "as is", with no change necessary)
  • When manual work is involved, automates every possible task up to the point where manual intervention is needed.
  • Propels employees into action, with information presented to the right people, at the right time, supporting the steps and decisions they need to act on.
  • Takes button click choices made by your employees and automates the many repetitive tasks that would follow their decisions, so they can quickly move onto their next task.
  • Provides your employees the information they need on the spot to assist inbound callers of all types, including company technicians, sales teams and customers.
  • Measures the work employees were assigned, the actions they performed and how long it took, enabling supervisors to hold people accountable for following process and achieving results.
  • Generates electronic communications to wholesalers and large customers when appropriate or necessary.
  • Provide management with real-time visibility into workload to understand staffing needs throughout the day, and auto assign work to employees, based on manager's perception of the best strategy to use their available people.


  • Off-shore teams able to perform additional tasks at lower cost
  • On-shore head count saving goal 100% achieved.
  • On-shore team able to execute work in correct priority order never missing the need to contact customers about cancelled appointments a day or more in advance.