20/20 Operation Analysis

Let ServiceSPAN's more than 25 years of professional services and software experience solve your most challenging business workflow issues.

Our 20/20 Analysis starts with a discussion of your areas of responsibility, priorities, challenges and goals.

We arrange a 1 or 2 day on-site visit to observe employees as they perform tasks and meet with managers to learn your processes and how work is tracked, measured and reported. We will regroup to share findings of our analysis and discuss potential methods to aggressively increase productivity and the next steps toward engagement. Then, illustrate how new technologies, customized to solve work center challenges identified during the analysis, will help you achieve your goals and ROI.

Our professional services team can write IT requirements to save time, eliminate risk and accelerate projects. The Analysis will return an ROI and we guarantee the return on investment will equal more than 20 times the cost of our analysis, or money back. ServiceSPAN complements Six Sigma and Lean process, identifying even more aggressive opportunities to reduce costs. We solve integration constraints and deliver how to implement process change when IT resources are constrained.

We focus on:

  • Inefficient Work Distribution Mechanism
  • Uneven Employee Workload
  • Inadequate Research Tools
  • Limited Accountability
  • Non-Value Added Work Waste
  • Lost Automation Opportunities

The proposal design clearly articulates objectives, ROI and establishes a guaranteed deployment timetable, better positioning you to submit and obtain funding. Our team performs quality and integration tests, providing full support during the acceptance testing phase in preparation for the deployment to production environment.

We train your IT Department, application administrators and supervisors. You train your end users. We are on-site to support your training activities and customers.