Care Coordination

We provide technology that integrates human and automated processes, enabling nurses, physicians and care coordinators to streamline and improve patient safety, quality and outcomes.

ServiceSPAN can follow the patient care process from prescheduling, procedures, to final bill.

Addressing, updating and retrieving information from any and all systems required to ensure your front-line staff can expeditiously provide patients the best possible care.

With ServiceSPAN's Decision Coordinator (DC) software, supervisors benefit from an environment where they can match appropriately skilled staff to the work, measure performance and success, assure compliance, and hold employees meaningfully accountable to the organization's goals.

We focus on :

  • Enabling users to work with a smart display that provides only the information they need to perform their work. They visualize all of the information and reference sources in a single access environment.
  • Providing categorization facilitated by the ability to assign different workflows based on classes, age and other information and assign work to the proper operator.
  • Integrating the utilization of software that allows for the capture of orders at the physician's office or anywhere else.
  • Posting information to multiple systems so that users enter it once, and have it correctly written to multiple systems such as direct interface to physician office based Electronic Medical Records.
  • Allowing system operator to transfer a problem to a holding area or to a supervisor for final resolution.
  • Providing workflow management tools to measure minutes and seconds of how much time users are spending on work items to help determine if your costs are in line with the level and volume of work.