Care Coordination

We provide technology that integrates human and automated processes, enabling nurses, physicians and care coordinators to streamline and improve patient safety, quality and outcomes.

Innovations in patient discharge, transitions, community involvement, and population health are rapidly changing every conversation your team should have with your patients / members.

ServiceSPAN's Decision Coordinator™ can provide the data driven support tool your team needs to individualize and excel at every patient conversation combining data from your many systems to drive new innovations you choose to deploy.

For Your Patient/Member Experience Team & Call Center, we will:

  • Simplify your agent's access to the many software applications they use each day, for example, replacing multiple scheduling applications, checking the status of patient portals and devices, determining if others in your organization are attempting to reach the same patient/member and determining how to serve that need instead.
  • Present all the work and information employees need in a single visual environment that is task-oriented and supportive of workflows on other applications, correctly prioritizing the work employees need to do next, based on priority and skills level.
  • Connect to ancillary systems to identify
    • when a patient/member is being assisted by a caregiver, specialist, hospital assigned transition teams, or community health organization.
    • when to ask patient/member to take an action associated to their care or payment.
    • when to suggest additional services, such as a preventative test, or remind them of a patient portal or phone app they stopped using, and resolve their issue or password need
    • the best method, specific to a member/patient, to validate the identity of a caller
  • Connect to predictive analytics applications to implement specific best practices or urgent next steps based on a combination of medical history and information provided by a patient during a call, e.g. predict and respond to an indication of high readmission risk.
  • Improve how information is posted to your many applications, so it is more accurate and usable by people and automation tools in the future.
  • Provide workflow management tools to measure minutes and seconds of how much time users are spending on work items to help determine if costs are in line with the level and volume of work.