DSRIP Integration

ServiceSPAN has the domain knowledge and software solutions that overlay existing systems, reducing the resource impact on PPS members and IT teams.

Is the software you want to use a barrier to accomplishing your strategic goals?
Are there gaps in the functionality you must fill?

DSRIP Our software technology, domain knowledge and experience can be instrumental in reducing the impact Performing Provider Systems DSRIP projects will have on their partner IT organizations, at a time those organizations are burdened with many changes in transforming hospital IT systems.

We provide a combination of capabilities that overcome the limitations of existing software applications, enabling cloud (e.g. PPS applications) and legacy (hospital system) applications to work better together. We also effectively layer additional capabilities to cloud based applications, where the vendor does not want to customize their application.

While new healthcare solutions will require some software applications to be added and changed, ServiceSPAN has an alternative for changing or replacing some existing legacy applications.

Through a combination of unique software and systems integration work we provide, new capability is added to existing software applications with a minimum of IT resources needed from overcommitted IT departments.

ServiceSPAN provides software and integration services to lessen the burden of process transformation on health care employees, consolidating applications, and providing an integrated decision support workstation to efficiently process work without having to swivel chair between many legacy and cloud-based applications and web-sites. For example, a care navigator can be provided supporting information to perform their job more efficiently with a smart presentation of information from multiple applications, based on contractual requirements and processes that are relevant to a patient episode and payer.

DSRIP Integrations MedicaidTaking this to another level, rather than hospital system employees accessing PPS applications as an isolated new workflow used only when a patient is covered by Medicaid, our application will improve the overall experience of the employee performing their job by smartly enabling them to follow different processes for Medicaid in region (PPS applications), Medicaid out of region (neighboring PPS's applications), Medicare, and commercial payers. Hospital systems will find it more flexible to have the same employee work the process across all types of payers in this way.

As PPS DSRIP projects require information sharing, new workflows, and new applications to touch its many PPS partners, ServiceSPAN technology reduces rather than increases the impact on administration employees of each partner and their IT resources, further raising the prospect that DSRIP projects will complete on time, in budget and with the least amount of risk and disruption to the operation.

Our software product can also serve as a unifying technology across multiple DSRIP projects, so that each PPS partner has fewer web-sites and integration points in supporting all projects.

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